Diversity Games

We had such great fun at the diversity games, a great group of rainbow family mums stepped up to compete. Liz went from a non runner to an impressive performance in the 5k colour run, alongside quite a few others. They all got great times, and really looked a sight afterwards.

Once the games began, we all found our competitive streak came out with a bang. Talking tactics on the start line. We really pulled together as a team, celebrating our wins! And laughing off our fails.

Carla lead us all like a true leader, pulling us back in the space hooper relay, Kathryn was also impressive! And Carla also smashed the sack race.

We won the water relay, but as the cup was split we didn’t place due to a poor water collecting performance.

All in all, I had an amazing time and all the team really bonded. I hope we can get together a bigger team next year as the diversity games grows.

Signing off, your egg and spoon champ!



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Pride 2015

This year we will be walking to the Park and our picnic will be in the family area of the Pride Event.

We have worked with Pride to ensure the playground was included within the park and there is a family tent with events and entertainment for the children. This will all be a part of the Family and Diversity area of the Pride event in Preston Park.

You need tickets to get into the Park to join this picnic:

Tickets – Don’t forget your tickets:

Everyone who ordered community tickets I am promised the tickets will be sent on 21st  or 22nd July and so I will distribute them to you by email the week before Pride.

If you still want tickets (£12.50 up to 3 kids free) please let me know as I need to order on the 23rd July.

Getting there: All roads will be open until the parade begins so it will be possible to get the bus to a close location, but don’t leave it too late. There will be lots of crowds so please leave time to get to Hove Lawns and get your carnival spirit going!


NOTE The start of the Parade has moved to the Peace Statue – Hove Lawns.

  • 9:30-10am (for 11 am start) the Parade will line up at the promenade just after the Peace Statue on hove lawns. The roads will be open as usual, the line up will be on the parade next to the beach. We will be near the front but I will let you know a number to head to next week.

Theme: Carnival of Diversity


Dress code: To make an impression as a group please wear solid coloured T-shirts/tops in any rainbow colour (R,O,Y,G,B,P). Please add carnival flourishes, masks, boas, feathers etc.

You can bring scooters, push along trikes, buggies for the children (no bikes please). We are making rainbow streamers to attach to scooters/bikes/buggies.

We will have a new banner and our Rainbowfamilies flags.

Safety: We will have dedicated stewards and will be close to the Pride float if assistance is needed. The organisers advise to ensure children have your contact phone number on them – we will bring stickers!

  • 11am  Parade starts
  • The parade route takes us all the way to Preston Park, there is a special family entrance for Pride that leads into the Family and Diversity area of the Pride Event – we will use this entrance. Don’t forget your tickets.
    • the parade will pause at the bottom of North Street to let Kings Road re-open and close London Road to traffic.
    • Past St Peters Church, up London Road to Preston Park.

    Pride – Preston Park:

    • 1pm – onwards: Rainbow Families Picnic: We will meet for a picnic in the Playground inside the Pride Event. There will be some Tesco lunch bags available if you don’t want to carry a picnic.
    • 2pm – 3pm: Rainbow Families Musical Party in the Family Tent


    • All day FAMILY TENT: Crafts, circus skills,  giant games, badge machines, bouncy castle

    Pass outs: If you want to drop the kids off and enjoy the Pride evening entertainment back at the Park we have arranged to get passouts. Please contact rachael@rainbowfamilies.org.uk if you haven’t already ordered one.

Living history project

Great news!

We have received a grant of £3000 from the Rainbow Fund to conduct a living history project that explores and preserves the history of LGBTQ families across the South East, encompassing research into changing attitudes, case studies, photographs and personal reflections. The research will reflect on how wider social and legislative changes have impacted on LGBTQ family life and the cultural shift towards LGBTQ parenting, giving insights into how our community has changed over the last twenty years.

The vision is that the completed project will be presented as an exhibition of photographs, text and possibly some video and voice recordings which will bring to life the voices and experiences of individual members over the past 20 years against a backdrop of wider social and legislative change. This will be launched at a 20th birthday celebration event for Rainbow Families in Feb 2016 to coincide with LGBTQ history month.

Do you have a story that you would like to share as part of this exciting project?

Then contact gil@rainbowfamilies.org.uk

Rainbow Families single / lone parents drinks

The Rainbow Families single / lone parents ( and friends ) drinks and social evening was a huge success with old and new faces alike. The evening was organised by Karen Bruce who did a great job in enticing so many to the Marlborough pub in Brighton last Saturday and so a big thanks to Karen for that. The evening started quite small and as it progressed more arrived to show off their skills in drinking and banter. As rowdy as it sounds, these socials are a great way for our Rainbow Family members to meet others from the group and widen friendships and support, not forgetting of course having a well needed night out! The next social will be organised soon and posted on the Website and Facebook page alike, so if anyone fancies a night out then make sure to put the date in your diary and come along!

Need any more information on any events? Email: lesley@rainbowfamilies.org.uk

Joining Rainbow Families

Want to know what to expect when you join Rainbow Families? Then read on…
We moved to Hove a couple of years ago when our little boy was two. Our first experience of Rainbow Families was softplay, a month before we moved. It was noisy and full of people, with lots of kids charging around having fun. Our LO immediately took to the bouncy castle – bouncing is probably his favourite thing to do. Our main reason for going was our LO rather than us: we wanted him to know some queer families, and to have some friends with two mums.We didn’t make it to the next trip: at the time we had no idea what ‘Washbrooks’ was – nowadays we know how many farms there are round here with things to do for kids and have been to most of them! But we’re really glad we signed up for the camping trip in our first year, though we didn’t quite know what we were letting ourselves in for.Turned out, what we learnt from camping was 1) our tent was too small – you need to be able to stand up to change a nappy comfortably when it’s raining 2) how nice it is to eat free soup and bread next to a donkey 3) it’s possible to barter for toast and apples from a bunch of musicians if you have some milk and the ability to flirt outrageously 4) you never grow out of camp fire marshmallows.We also made friends with lots of people who had kids the same age as our son – who were our tent neighbours.It turned out that we did need to belong to Rainbow Families for ourselves as well as for our LO. It can get very lonely being a queer family if you feel like you’re the only ones. It was great for us to make friends with other lesbian mums. We’ve got loads in common and it’s a bit of a cliche but I’ll say it anyway: we’re all really different too. We’ve met all sorts of people who’ve started a family in slightly different ways, or our kids came into the world in different ways, and we have different approaches to life. But that is part of the fun of meeting new people. Paradoxically, we’re not ‘the same’ as other queer families, but we have found so many points of connection.

There were loads of things I didn’t know before I had a child. One was how – in terms of day to day life – I feel like I’m a mum first before I’m a lesbian. It’s good to know other families who are just getting on with it in the same way we are, people who don’t treat us like we’re ‘alternative’.

That was a couple of years ago – we’ve just signed up for our third camping trip and our LO starts school soon which will be another adventure. By the way, I really recommend the camping trip if you want to get to know people, even if you’re reluctant to sleep under canvas. It’s worth it.


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