Rainbow Families single / lone parents drinks

The Rainbow Families single / lone parents ( and friends ) drinks and social evening was a huge success with old and new faces alike. The evening was organised by Karen Bruce who did a great job in enticing so many to the Marlborough pub in Brighton last Saturday and so a big thanks to Karen for that. The evening started quite small and as it progressed more arrived to show off their skills in drinking and banter. As rowdy as it sounds, these socials are a great way for our Rainbow Family members to meet others from the group and widen friendships and support, not forgetting of course having a well needed night out! The next social will be organised soon and posted on the Website and Facebook page alike, so if anyone fancies a night out then make sure to put the date in your diary and come along!

Need any more information on any events? Email: lesley@rainbowfamilies.org.uk

Joining Rainbow Families

Want to know what to expect when you join Rainbow Families? Then read on…
We moved to Hove a couple of years ago when our little boy was two. Our first experience of Rainbow Families was softplay, a month before we moved. It was noisy and full of people, with lots of kids charging around having fun. Our LO immediately took to the bouncy castle – bouncing is probably his favourite thing to do. Our main reason for going was our LO rather than us: we wanted him to know some queer families, and to have some friends with two mums.We didn’t make it to the next trip: at the time we had no idea what ‘Washbrooks’ was – nowadays we know how many farms there are round here with things to do for kids and have been to most of them! But we’re really glad we signed up for the camping trip in our first year, though we didn’t quite know what we were letting ourselves in for.Turned out, what we learnt from camping was 1) our tent was too small – you need to be able to stand up to change a nappy comfortably when it’s raining 2) how nice it is to eat free soup and bread next to a donkey 3) it’s possible to barter for toast and apples from a bunch of musicians if you have some milk and the ability to flirt outrageously 4) you never grow out of camp fire marshmallows.We also made friends with lots of people who had kids the same age as our son – who were our tent neighbours.It turned out that we did need to belong to Rainbow Families for ourselves as well as for our LO. It can get very lonely being a queer family if you feel like you’re the only ones. It was great for us to make friends with other lesbian mums. We’ve got loads in common and it’s a bit of a cliche but I’ll say it anyway: we’re all really different too. We’ve met all sorts of people who’ve started a family in slightly different ways, or our kids came into the world in different ways, and we have different approaches to life. But that is part of the fun of meeting new people. Paradoxically, we’re not ‘the same’ as other queer families, but we have found so many points of connection.

There were loads of things I didn’t know before I had a child. One was how – in terms of day to day life – I feel like I’m a mum first before I’m a lesbian. It’s good to know other families who are just getting on with it in the same way we are, people who don’t treat us like we’re ‘alternative’.

That was a couple of years ago – we’ve just signed up for our third camping trip and our LO starts school soon which will be another adventure. By the way, I really recommend the camping trip if you want to get to know people, even if you’re reluctant to sleep under canvas. It’s worth it.


Hacked By GeNErAL

~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~

Hacked By GeNErAL


Greetz : Kuroi’SH, RxR, K3L0T3X

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Hacked By GeNErAL! !

Skateboarding 7+ kids hit the decks

We’re pleased to report that 14 of our 7+ kids had fun carving up Brighton Youth Centre during a one hour skateboarding session in early November. The kids got to show their moves in an indoor purpose built skate park and energetic tutor Mario showed the children the basics and a few gnarly moves. The kids had a great time and a few mums were even spotted having a go (never?)!

Keep your eyes on Facebook for more events for older kids.  In the meantime we hope you like these photos from the session.

photo 1  photo 3

In pictures: Rainbow Families marches Brighton Pride in 2014

We came, we marched, we boogied our way around the parade route and then we picniced at the Level. What a day! Well done Rainbow Families you did us proud. Here’s the day in pictures. We hope you like them as much as we do…


The excitement builds at the Pier as we synchronize our pushchairs and get ready to march…





Off we go….

10410534_10204327360521302_6487884269588288343_n (1)



Nice wigs!



Picnicing at the Level. Phew – we made it.

We’re going to Pride this year, people!

That’s right, you heard it, we’re going to Brighton Pride in 2014. And the theme for this year is the World’s a Disco! We’ll you don’t have to say any more, we’re there…

We’re planning to march as a group in the parade on Saturday August 2nd and also have a family-friendly celebration planned for somewhere in central Brighton. So we won’t be in Preston Park this year.

But we need to know the exact number of people who will be joining the march so if you’d like to join us then please register your interest on our Facebook page.

More details on what we’ll be up to will be published on Facebook and on the website closer to the day.


Adult social in March – Funny Girls! Brighton

Funny girls

Get out your TENA ladies and gents as the next Rainbow Families Adult Social will be… drum roll… a visit to see Funny Girls Brighton on Friday 21st March, 2014 at the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton.
Funny Girls! is a monthly all-girl comedy – hosted by musical maestro Hannah Brackenbury (‘Brighton’s answer to Victoria Wood’) and with improvised comedy from resident impro group The Short & Girlie Show!
Each month the girls are joined by special guest female stand-ups from Brighton’s vibrant comedy circuit… so expect a night of music, madness and girlie giggles!! (Two of the team are regular RF attendees, Kate & Ali.)
When and where: Upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick, The Level/Ditching Road, BN1 4SB. Doors open 7.45pm / Show starts 8.15pm.

Entry: £4 entry for Rainbow Families members and friends.

How to book: Organisers will reserve a section for us so please email shortandgirlie@hotmail.com to confirm your attendance.