Brighton and Hove Rainbow Families Wellbeing Project

The Workshops are responding to some of the prevailing questions that are posted on our Facebook Page. With this, we have managed to secure outstanding external facilitators from the locality who will lead the Workshops highlighted below:

***Workshop 1***

Using donor banks for LGBT families – Processes for fertility assessment for starters in the process to achieve a family – What to ask for and where to start?

Suzy Duffy the Director at Brighton Fertility Associates will be working with you to discuss -Using BFA donor bank as an example – Using registered donors and unregistered donors – safety / and information.

Donor information and using donors from abroad. Transgender and fertility issues – fertility preservation and choices, consent options and issues and the processes involved, name changes and consents. Costs for freezing and testing requirements , Welfare of the child, body issues while pregnant and dealing with negative body image, our clinic requirements for treatments using donor sperm

Workshop (1a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (1b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 2***

Communication and Relationship skills for Single, Partnered or Separating Parents

In this workshop join relationships and life coach Freya Blom, and mediator and family law practitioner Jo O’Sullivan for a talk on effective relationship and communication skills, and how the law and professional services can best support in times of need.

Anyone who has ever had a relationship will benefit from the accumulated experience of the presenters and the group, and the talk will be especially useful for anyone who is thinking of starting a family or relationship, is in an unsteady relationship, feels less confident in their parenting or relationship skills, or is separating.

The talk will provide practical advice and actions that can be taken home for the benefit of the whole family.

Workshop (2a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (2b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 3***

Parenting our donor conceived children

In this workshop you will be working with Rory Singer, a renowned UKCP registered Psychotherapist, who will talk to about when and how to tell your child about their donor conceived origins.

Telling our children about their origins can feel like a daunting topic to discuss, but if we discuss it honestly and at the right time, the subject need not be a difficult one to broach.

Workshop (3a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (3b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 4***

How to explore the world of food and life in an attempt to help our kid’s live rich lives.

In this Workshop you’ll be working with Gabby Schofield (Nutritional Therapist) and Maria Mitchell (Nutritionist and Health Coach) to explore the world of food to help our kid’s live rich lives.

They will work with families who want to get their bounce back. You may have a child with a health condition that is impacting their life or you may be a parent lacking in energy, putting your health needs at the bottom of the pile. Whatever your needs are I can work with you providing nutritional support and coaching to help improve your life.

Workshop (4a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (4b) 1210-1250hrs


The Brighton and Hove Rainbow Families Wellbeing Project which will take place on Saturday 30th September @ BHASVIC  from 11:00-13:00hrs

There will be a maximum number for each workshop, so it will be allocated on a first come first serve basis!

If you would like to sign up for any of the Workshops, please email or contact us via Facebook with the Workshop number.