Diversity Games

We had such great fun at the diversity games, a great group of rainbow family mums stepped up to compete. Liz went from a non runner to an impressive performance in the 5k colour run, alongside quite a few others. They all got great times, and really looked a sight afterwards.

Once the games began, we all found our competitive streak came out with a bang. Talking tactics on the start line. We really pulled together as a team, celebrating our wins! And laughing off our fails.

Carla lead us all like a true leader, pulling us back in the space hooper relay, Kathryn was also impressive! And Carla also smashed the sack race.

We won the water relay, but as the cup was split we didn’t place due to a poor water collecting performance.

All in all, I had an amazing time and all the team really bonded. I hope we can get together a bigger team next year as the diversity games grows.

Signing off, your egg and spoon champ!



sport day 2015 809

sport day 2015 799

sport day 2015 679

sport day 2015 580

sport day 2015 889

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