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We’re aware it’s been a while since the website has been updated – we’re currently undergoing a bit of a refresh – please bear with us. In the meantime check out our very active Facebook Page.

Brighton and Hove Rainbow Families AGM *UPDATE*


Fancy being more involved? Help decide the kind of events we run? Want to help expand the group?

Are you good with social media, marketing, or IT? Any experience with fundraising?

Our current chairs, treasurer, and secretary ARE stepping down and we need new ones to help keep things running. There’s also the chance to help out with soft-play, older kids events, and special one off events like the Xmas party.

Please join us for a drink (or three) at the meeting on Monday 13th November at 7.30pm at The Chimney House, Brighton. Don’t be put off by the word “AGM” as this will be more about chatting to people than about official RF business!

Come along and see how you can get involved. Without YOU there is no ‘Rainbow Familie’s!

If you are keen to get more involved with the group, please let Lesley McCune, Jenny Thompson or Jenni Tellyn know, or pop over to the Facebook Group.

Got any questions?

Email, comment below or come along on the night!

See you there,
Lesley, Jenni & Jenny

The New Union Flag Project *UPDATE*

Is your family a bit arty? Do you fancy being part of a celebration of Brighton’s cultural diversity AND have an indoor teaparty at the fabulous Brighton Museum that the weather can’t spoil this time?? Then this is the event for you!

[Note: This is the event we were going to do in September but it poured with rain so has been postponed to 26 November.]

This event is free of charge and is a wonderful opportunity to get up close to the iconic Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, and get a treasured photo memory for your Rainbow Family.

What is the New Union Flag?
The New Union Flag (NUF), a socially/politically engaged art project, began in 2015 and this year is on a national tour backed by counterpoints arts and the Arts Council England. The project aims to reimagine the Union Jack flag and acknowledge and celebrate the communities that contributed to the UK’s cultural legacy.

Re-created with fabric designs from all over the world the New Union Flag transforms the traditional Union Jack from an archetype of uniformity to a dynamic and celebrated on-going performance of diversity.

The project has already engaged thousands of people through gallery exhibitions (Turner Contemporary, Tate Modern, South Bank Centre, People’s History Museum – Manchester, Liverpool Museum), numerous cultural events, schools, festivals, rallies and workshops. Recently the flag was paraded at Brighton Trans Pride and Brighton Pride and a NUF event also took place at Liverpool Museum in conjunction with Liverpool’s LGBTQ families conference.

Based on the New Union Flag design and at the request of the former mayor of Brighton the artist, Gil Mualem-Doron, has designed a flag for Brighton.

What is the workshop all about?

The event with Rainbow Families will include the Diversity Flag Workshop in which each family will create their own flag by answering set of questions and designing a handheld flag with pre-prepared stickers that will be supplied by the artist.

After the workshop, each family will be photographed with their flag on the background of the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Flag.

Subject to your consent, the photos in high resolution could be uploaded to a dedicated website and possibly the New Union Flag Facebook page from which it can be downloaded and printed! The photos might even be used in a future in exhibition at the museum and a book that will document the New Union Flag project (again, subject to your consent)!

The event is free of charge and will take place in the Museum Lab bit of the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

For more about Gil Mualem-Doron and the New Union Flag project please see here: & Facebook: The New Union Flag:


Brighton and Hove Rainbow Families Wellbeing Project

The Workshops are responding to some of the prevailing questions that are posted on our Facebook Page. With this, we have managed to secure outstanding external facilitators from the locality who will lead the Workshops highlighted below:

***Workshop 1***

Using donor banks for LGBT families – Processes for fertility assessment for starters in the process to achieve a family – What to ask for and where to start?

Suzy Duffy the Director at Brighton Fertility Associates will be working with you to discuss -Using BFA donor bank as an example – Using registered donors and unregistered donors – safety / and information.

Donor information and using donors from abroad. Transgender and fertility issues – fertility preservation and choices, consent options and issues and the processes involved, name changes and consents. Costs for freezing and testing requirements , Welfare of the child, body issues while pregnant and dealing with negative body image, our clinic requirements for treatments using donor sperm

Workshop (1a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (1b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 2***

Communication and Relationship skills for Single, Partnered or Separating Parents

In this workshop join relationships and life coach Freya Blom, and mediator and family law practitioner Jo O’Sullivan for a talk on effective relationship and communication skills, and how the law and professional services can best support in times of need.

Anyone who has ever had a relationship will benefit from the accumulated experience of the presenters and the group, and the talk will be especially useful for anyone who is thinking of starting a family or relationship, is in an unsteady relationship, feels less confident in their parenting or relationship skills, or is separating.

The talk will provide practical advice and actions that can be taken home for the benefit of the whole family.

Workshop (2a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (2b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 3***

Parenting our donor conceived children

In this workshop you will be working with Rory Singer, a renowned UKCP registered Psychotherapist, who will talk to about when and how to tell your child about their donor conceived origins.

Telling our children about their origins can feel like a daunting topic to discuss, but if we discuss it honestly and at the right time, the subject need not be a difficult one to broach.

Workshop (3a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (3b) 1210-1250hrs

***Workshop 4***

How to explore the world of food and life in an attempt to help our kid’s live rich lives.

In this Workshop you’ll be working with Gabby Schofield (Nutritional Therapist) and Maria Mitchell (Nutritionist and Health Coach) to explore the world of food to help our kid’s live rich lives.

They will work with families who want to get their bounce back. You may have a child with a health condition that is impacting their life or you may be a parent lacking in energy, putting your health needs at the bottom of the pile. Whatever your needs are I can work with you providing nutritional support and coaching to help improve your life.

Workshop (4a) 1100-1150hrs and repeated (4b) 1210-1250hrs


The Brighton and Hove Rainbow Families Wellbeing Project which will take place on Saturday 30th September @ BHASVIC  from 11:00-13:00hrs

There will be a maximum number for each workshop, so it will be allocated on a first come first serve basis!

If you would like to sign up for any of the Workshops, please email or contact us via Facebook with the Workshop number.


BLAGSS Bowling Competition 2017

The intrepid crack Rainbow Families bowling squad took on 26 other teams in the 2017 BLAGSS Bowling Competition at the Marina.

All but one of our number shunned the alley-issued bowling shoes (lesbians always have sensible footwear) and we took the competition by storm. Well, actually, we might have come 25th out of 26 teams but we had a good laugh doing it and there were many strikes and spares so we have no idea how the scoring was conducted. Perhaps the other teams had practised in between this and last year’s competitions (which was clearly cheating)?  I bet they didn’t have any pregnant people on their team anyway.

The team were Helen Trevorrow, Liz Corder, Liz Scofield, Gabby Looney-Scofield, Max Ogden, Tammy Raymund-Grung, Hannah Sale and Marisa Nixon.
Nice work bowls squad!

Rainbow Families Christmas Party 2016

On Saturday 3rd December, lots of families across Brighton & Hove (and surrounds!) met at BHASVIC college for the annual Rainbow Families Christmas Party!

Lots of fun was had with party games and dancing, and even a special visit from the man in red himself!

The day was topped off nicely with wonderful party food and *ahem* drink.

Pride 2016 (Gallery)

Pride 2016 was a huge success, what with the sun beaming down on us. Great music, and good company, what more could you ask for? Our designated families area was also bigger than ever, with families visiting in their dozens.

Hopefully see you next year!

pride10 pride11 pride9 pride8 pride3 pride4 pride5 pride6 pride7 pride2 pride1 pride12 pride2 Pride 2016

Boulder Brighton

The children aged 5+ had a fantastic time at Boulder Brighton Climbing Centre on 27th September.

‘The rock climbing was awesome!’

(Summer aged 5yrs)

‘I could do it! It was high!’

(Joy aged 5yrs)

‘I enjoy the challenge of climbing. And like meeting up with my Rainbow Family friends, like Emma’

(Isobella aged 9 years)

IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3100 IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3107 IMG_3109 IMG_3111 IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_3118 IMG_3120

Diversity Games

We had such great fun at the diversity games, a great group of rainbow family mums stepped up to compete. Liz went from a non runner to an impressive performance in the 5k colour run, alongside quite a few others. They all got great times, and really looked a sight afterwards.

Once the games began, we all found our competitive streak came out with a bang. Talking tactics on the start line. We really pulled together as a team, celebrating our wins! And laughing off our fails.

Carla lead us all like a true leader, pulling us back in the space hooper relay, Kathryn was also impressive! And Carla also smashed the sack race.

We won the water relay, but as the cup was split we didn’t place due to a poor water collecting performance.

All in all, I had an amazing time and all the team really bonded. I hope we can get together a bigger team next year as the diversity games grows.

Signing off, your egg and spoon champ!



sport day 2015 809

sport day 2015 799

sport day 2015 679

sport day 2015 580

sport day 2015 889

Pride 2015

This year we will be walking to the Park and our picnic will be in the family area of the Pride Event.

We have worked with Pride to ensure the playground was included within the park and there is a family tent with events and entertainment for the children. This will all be a part of the Family and Diversity area of the Pride event in Preston Park.

You need tickets to get into the Park to join this picnic:

Tickets – Don’t forget your tickets:

Everyone who ordered community tickets I am promised the tickets will be sent on 21st  or 22nd July and so I will distribute them to you by email the week before Pride.

If you still want tickets (£12.50 up to 3 kids free) please let me know as I need to order on the 23rd July.

Getting there: All roads will be open until the parade begins so it will be possible to get the bus to a close location, but don’t leave it too late. There will be lots of crowds so please leave time to get to Hove Lawns and get your carnival spirit going!


NOTE The start of the Parade has moved to the Peace Statue – Hove Lawns.

  • 9:30-10am (for 11 am start) the Parade will line up at the promenade just after the Peace Statue on hove lawns. The roads will be open as usual, the line up will be on the parade next to the beach. We will be near the front but I will let you know a number to head to next week.

Theme: Carnival of Diversity


Dress code: To make an impression as a group please wear solid coloured T-shirts/tops in any rainbow colour (R,O,Y,G,B,P). Please add carnival flourishes, masks, boas, feathers etc.

You can bring scooters, push along trikes, buggies for the children (no bikes please). We are making rainbow streamers to attach to scooters/bikes/buggies.

We will have a new banner and our Rainbowfamilies flags.

Safety: We will have dedicated stewards and will be close to the Pride float if assistance is needed. The organisers advise to ensure children have your contact phone number on them – we will bring stickers!

  • 11am  Parade starts
  • The parade route takes us all the way to Preston Park, there is a special family entrance for Pride that leads into the Family and Diversity area of the Pride Event – we will use this entrance. Don’t forget your tickets.
    • the parade will pause at the bottom of North Street to let Kings Road re-open and close London Road to traffic.
    • Past St Peters Church, up London Road to Preston Park.

    Pride – Preston Park:

    • 1pm – onwards: Rainbow Families Picnic: We will meet for a picnic in the Playground inside the Pride Event. There will be some Tesco lunch bags available if you don’t want to carry a picnic.
    • 2pm – 3pm: Rainbow Families Musical Party in the Family Tent


    • All day FAMILY TENT: Crafts, circus skills,  giant games, badge machines, bouncy castle

    Pass outs: If you want to drop the kids off and enjoy the Pride evening entertainment back at the Park we have arranged to get passouts. Please contact if you haven’t already ordered one.