BLAGSS Bowling Competition 2017

The intrepid crack Rainbow Families bowling squad took on 26 other teams in the 2017 BLAGSS Bowling Competition at the Marina.

All but one of our number shunned the alley-issued bowling shoes (lesbians always have sensible footwear) and we took the competition by storm. Well, actually, we might have come 25th out of 26 teams but we had a good laugh doing it and there were many strikes and spares so we have no idea how the scoring was conducted.¬†Perhaps the other teams had practised in between this and last year’s competitions (which was clearly cheating)?¬† I bet they didn’t have any pregnant people on their team anyway.

The team were Helen Trevorrow, Liz Corder, Liz Scofield, Gabby Looney-Scofield, Max Ogden, Tammy Raymund-Grung, Hannah Sale and Marisa Nixon.
Nice work bowls squad!